Allstar Competition Uniform Top

Allstar Competition Uniform Top


CMA's Official Competition Uniform for Youth-Senior Level 1-2 teams, custom designed by the industry-leading Rebel Athletic.

Our uniform top is designed to last: its natural four-way-stretch fits close to the body for ease of movement and a flattering line, but allows room for growth and breathability.

Not only is our uniform durable and comfortable, it looks incredible on the competition floor with stunning, vivid colours and light-shifting rhinestones. 

  • Care Instructions

    AFTER CARE OF YOUR REBEL GARMENTS We want your garment to love you back for as long as you desire, so please take good care of it!  HAND WASH ONLY IN COLD WATER WITH CARE  DO NOT DRY CLEAN WATER TEMPERATURE WARNING The most critical element to the care of your uniform is the water temperature. Your uniform should be washed in cold water, which is water that will not you to keep your hand in it for more than 60 seconds without being uncomfortable. If the water coming out of your tap is not cold enough, fill your sink and add ice until the temperature lowers. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Use a clear, gentle PH balanced detergent. We recommend Dreft Detergent. 2. If any stains are present, we recommend pre-treating with Dreft Stain Spray. 3. Fill laundry sink with cold water (see above). 4. Turn uniform inside out. 5. Quickly submerge and hand-wash for 60 seconds. Do not rub fabrics together. 6. Drain sink and refill with cold water to rinse. 7. Gently squeeze out excess water, taking care not to wring dark and lighter colours together. 8. Turn uniform right side out and lay flat on a towel to dry. You may want to insert a towel in the body of the uniform to speed drying and avoid any possibility of colour transference while the garment is wet. PLEASE NOTE: - Perspiration, deodorant, hairspray, glitter spray, sunless tanning products and lotions may affect the colour of your garment. Take precautions to avoid transference. - Washing before wear may help prevent colour-bleeding due to perspiration. REBEL ATHLETIC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR GRAMENTS THAT ARE LAUNDERED INCORRECTLY, OR FOR CRYSTAL LOSS FROM REPEATED USE/WEAR OR INCORRECT LAUNDERING.

  • Sizing

    Although we recommend trying on your uniform at the gym before committing to purchase, please see the sizing guide from Rebel Athletic above.


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